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Types of industrial heating


However, there are many cases in which this does not occur, which is a major problem since low temperatures can affect the efficiency of machinery and the health of employees, thus reducing productivity.


For this reason, today we are going to analyze the main types of industrial heating so that you can decide which is the most suitable for your business.


Which heating systems are more suitable for the industry?

Hot air generators

These are pieces of equipment that work completely autonomously and are intended for heating any workplace or type of space. A great advantage is that by not needing any type of heat dissipating element, the acquisition and installation costs are significantly reduced.

This type of generators use a wide variety of fuels, such as diesel, natural gas or propane gas. Its operation is based on heating the air drawn in by the fans, which is distributed throughout the space, achieving very pleasant temperatures with extreme speed, greater than other conventional heating systems.

– Direct air delivery system with grilles or rotating delivery ports.
– Air supply system with ducts to direct the air in the areas where heating is required.
Among the main advantages of hot air generators, the speed with which it heats the different spaces can be highlighted, while reducing the humidity level of the environment. In addition, the repair and maintenance costs are very low, and it can be used as ventilation in the summer.

Radiant duct

This type of heating is a direct combustion system designed to reach high temperatures, making it ideal for large spaces and industrial buildings. It works from a head in which the combustion of diesel or gas occurs. The gases that leave there reach high temperatures and begin to circulate through the pipes located on the roof of the buildings, which are responsible for transmitting heat to the entire environment.
It should be noted that it is necessary to have a space large enough to accommodate the combustion assembly.

Radiant tube

It is another type of direct combustion system that is used to reach high temperatures in large spaces. Unlike the radiant duct, in this type of heating the heat is not concentrated in a single focus, so its distribution is much more homogeneous.
This system is made up of four basic elements: internal combustion, gas outlet, radiant tube and reflector. The latter is the fundamental element for the heat to be distributed evenly. As for the radiant tube, at its maximum level it can reach a temperature of 350º.
It is important to highlight that. Despite the fact that combustion takes place within the system itself, the air quality of the space is not affected thanks to the installation of a gas outlet.

Ceramic screens

Ceramic screens are an electric heating system that locate heat in a single focus, which is why they are designed to heat smaller spaces such as industrial buildings that are compartmentalized. In these cases it is the best possible option, since it allows to heat only the room that is necessary by installing one of these spotlights.
Another aspect in favor of this type of heating is that, by emitting heat through infrared radiation, it is very efficient in terms of energy consumed. In addition, they allow the rooms to be heated evenly.

Radiating floor

As with ceramic screens, underfloor heating is ideal for heating smaller spaces, reaching medium or low temperatures. As for its operation, a network of pipes is installed on top of a false ceiling through which water circulates at high temperatures. These pipes heat the false ceiling panels, which are responsible for distributing the heat to the room.
Heating is also produced by infrared radiation, but this system can be combined with thermal solar panels to reduce energy consumption.


Save energy by choosing the best type of industrial heating

Installing the right industrial heating system for your company is going to mean big savings on the energy bill at the end of the month. You will achieve an optimal temperature in the work area that will considerably improve the working conditions of employees and their quality of life, while avoiding possible problems with cold machinery.
And you, do you already know which type of industrial heating is the most suitable for your company?

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