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Pellet heating system in Austrian greenhouse


MET MANN has taken a further step forward by supplying hot air generators with pellet operation in a greenhouse dedicated to the cultivation of raspberries in Austria

The client had a raspberry production problem due to a lack of air conditioning in the greenhouse and wanted an ecological system with neutral CO2 emissions.

MET MANN, once the thermal needs of the greenhouse had been studied, proposed the installation of two units of our BM-300 model that develop 300 kW / h of calorific power with an efficiency greater than 90%.

The equipment was manufactured with an ash extraction system and with burners that are easy to clean and maintain.In terms of pellet storage, an external silo has been located with a capacity of up to 20 Tons and through a transport system with an endless screw. , the necessary pellets are supplied to the nurse tanks of each of the equipment.



The air distribution is carried out with ducts applied in the air distribution box of each of the equipment and the air is distributed evenly inside the greenhouse to be heated.


The equipment is working at full capacity and the client has expressed his satisfaction with the system used.

At MET MANN, we continue to work to provide efficient and long-lasting climate solutions to our customers.

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