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What is evaporative air conditioning?


If you are not an expert in the field, the concept of evaporative air conditioning may sound a little Chinese to you. In this post we explain in detail what this cooling system consists of and what its advantages are.

What does evaporative air conditioning consist of?

As we said, evaporative air conditioning is a refrigeration system in which the air is cooled by evaporating water. During this process, no type of refrigerant is used, but heat is “stolen” from the air in the evaporation process.

Evaporative air conditioning
is a simple and ecological technology, since it consumes much less energy than compressor cooling. It is estimated that energy consumption savings range between 60 and 80% compared to traditional heating systems, although this percentage varies depending on the humidity and temperature levels in the area.

However, despite its benefits, it remains a conditioning system that is very unknown and underused in our country until now.


Evaporative air conditioning operation

The operation of evaporative coolers is based on the so-called enthalpy of water vaporization. Through this system the air that comes from outside enters through saturated water filters, turns into steam and expels the cold air.

One point in its favor is that, in dry climates, evaporative air conditioning systems help add moisture to the environment. Conventional cooling systems require additional water to do this. For these reasons, evaporative air conditioning has become one of the most effective solutions for conditioning any area, both in industry and in private homes. 

Advantages of evaporative air conditioning

We have already advanced some of the advantages of evaporative air conditioning, but next we will go deeper into all its benefits.

  • It is totally ecological: conventional air conditioners are often harmful to the environment since they use refrigerants to function. Through this technology, we avoid the use of harmful products for the ecosystem and contribute to the care of the planet.

  • Energy saving: as we have already mentioned, energy saving with an evaporative air conditioning system can reach up to 80% of electricity consumption. Betting on this type of heating we will be able to considerably reduce the electricity bill at the end of the month.

  • Flexibility to regulate the temperature: through this system we can reduce the interior temperature by up to 14º in drier climates and 5º in climates with high humidity.

  • Renew indoor air: thanks to evaporative air conditioning, the air in the room is completely renewed and is replaced by clean and fresh air. Smoke and odors that may be in the environment also disappear.

  • It works in open spaces: unlike other systems, these can be installed in open spaces to promote the circulation of fresh air.

  • Adds humidity to dry climates: as we said, this type of air conditioning not only manages to cool the air, but also generates humidity in dry climates, which translates into a greater feeling of comfort.

  • It can be portable: this is a great advantage, since we can refrigerate different rooms of a house using only a single piece of equipment.

  • Simple maintenance: the maintenance tasks that evaporative air conditioning systems need are practically nil.


In short, betting on evaporative air conditioning does not only have advantages for your health and for the planet. It is also positive for your pocket. This system reduces the air temperature of a house, warehouse or workplace, increasing the profitability of the business or contributing to the family economy thanks to the great energy savings it entails.

If you are thinking of installing an evaporative air conditioning system, at Met Mann we have the latest technology in this type of equipment. Contact us and we will put all our experience at the service of your comfort.

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