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HVAC systems on large surfaces

HVAC systems on large surfaces
Achieving optimal climate conditions in wide spaces has never been easier than now.
However, when evaluating the different air conditioning systems for large surfaces, very different factors come into play, such as the total size of the installation or the number of people that can accommodate that space.

As it happens every time we have to face a large initial investment, it is very important to know the different alternatives that we have before deciding on one option or another. So today we are going to explain everything you need to know to choose the best air conditioning system for large surfaces.

The importance of choosing an adequate air conditioning system for large surfaces

Ya The direct influence that adequate air conditioning has on the productivity of a company′s workers has been more than demonstrated, therefore the choice of an air conditioning system for large surfaces should not be taken lightly.

As a general rule, when selecting this type of air conditioning system it is better to bet on a centralized one. For it to work properly, it is very important to carry out a correct planning beforehand, taking into account the following aspects:

    Location of the units abroad.

    Weight, volume and infrastructure necessary to minimize noise and vibrations.

    Visual impact on facades and space.

In recent years, technology in the air conditioning sector has advanced by leaps and bounds, which has resulted in continuous improvements in air conditioning systems for large surfaces, with much less impact than traditional ones. One of the greatest examples can be found in evaporative cooling systems, which have established themselves in the industry as one of the best methods of air conditioning on large surfaces.

Despite what it may seem at first, these devices can offer the necessary temperature changes on large surfaces by attracting hot air inside the refrigerator using a quiet but powerful fan. Pavilions, shopping centers or schools are some of the examples of large spaces that can benefit from the installation of this system.

Evaporative cooling systems on large surfaces

Evaporative cooling devices have become the most widely used air conditioning system for large surfaces in those spaces that require an effective cooling method. Proof of this are the more than 500,000 industrial facilities in Europe that use this method as a means of air conditioning.

This manages to reduce the temperature by evaporation of the air in large surfaces, working without refrigerant gases or compressors: it only sucks the air from the outside and makes it pass through a series of humidified filters. It is currently the most economical air conditioning system in large areas, as it can lead to a reduction in energy consumption of… 80%!

The air flow is directed towards the interior of the space achieving a drastic change in temperature, since it can achieve cooling of the air between 2º and 11º with respect to the exterior. At the same time, the internal air is renewed to change it for clean and fresh air, while removing any polluting particles, gases or smoke. This supposes another very positive aspect since it allows having all the open accesses without this supplying any type of inconvenience.

Evaporative cooling: an ecological and efficient air conditioning system

In a society like the current one in which energy saving and the search for ecological efficiency has become non-negotiable, evaporative cooling has established itself as the best ecological climate control system for large surfaces, offering ratios of energy efficiency far superior to other technologies.

Large surfaces require high amounts of energy to cover their entire area, with air conditioning being one of the aspects with the greatest economic impact. For this reason, the choice of an ecological air conditioning system on large surfaces is a measure that will greatly reduce energy consumption throughout the year. And it is that while in conventional air conditioning systems the cooling is based on the use of refrigeration machines that have a high energy consumption, in evaporative coolers there is only the consumption of the fans used and the water pumps of each one of the teams.

The installation costs of evaporative cooling systems are also very low, since only a water intake and a source of electrical energy without additional pipes are needed. But without a doubt when we refer to them as the best ecological climate control system for large surfaces, it is because it uses efficient and non-polluting technology. Compared to traditional air conditioners, the differences are remarkable since evaporative coolers do not use refrigerant gases or the like, but instead use natural water that returns to the atmosphere in the form of steam.

Our air conditioning systems for large surfaces

More and more people are relying on MET MANN′s large surface air conditioning systems to achieve the environment they were looking for in their facilities: shopping malls, industrial warehouses, hotels ... If you are looking for efficiency with guarantees, trust our team of experts and you will not regret it.

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