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Operation of air curtains


If you are interested in learning more about the operation and benefits of air curtains, keep reading this post where we tell you all the information about it.

How air curtains work

Generally located at the top of the entrance of a premises or establishment, they have a similar appearance to air conditioning devices but their operation is different. They have a grille through which air enters, which is compressed by the internal fans and directed towards the outlet grille. Through this system, it is possible to create an invisible wall that separates two different environments, avoiding the installation of doors. In this way, the air does not escape to the outside and the air conditioning of the space can be retained without the need to increase or decrease the degrees due to the effect of the external environment.

Por normal general, existen dos tipos de cortinas de aire:
  • Actuated manually
  • Automatically actuated by opening the doors through sensors.
This type of device can expel the air in different directions depending on the needs of each room, as well as incorporate an electrical resistance that allows heating the air. Another positive aspect is that, although they consume energy, this is less than the requirement that we should ask the air conditioning system if it is not installed.

What are air curtains for?

The most widespread use of air curtains is in commercial premises, especially those where there is no door and where the contrast with the external temperature is very great. They are also a great option for large refrigeration chambers, which are open for a long time and require a system that maintains the temperature.

Likewise, air curtains are not only a solution to control the climate, but they are an effective way to avoid dust, flying insects and bad odors. For this reason, they can also be used in workshops, hospitals and schools with the aim of keeping spaces free of contamination.

In short, this type of device is suitable for all those sites that have a constant flow of people in and out.


Advantages of air curtains

Some of the benefits that you will get by installing the air curtains are the following:
  • Energy savings by reducing the use of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions compared to other air conditioning systems.
  • Control of the temperature of the establishment providing a greater sensation of thermal comfort.
  • Reduction of contamination, suspended particles, insects and bad odors.
  • Less noise pollution through quiet operation.
  • Greater security by acting as a barrier against smoke from a fire.
  • Increased comfort for clients and workers.
  • Increased useful space available in store.


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