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Industrial heating

Industrial heaters: maximum performance and safety


industrial heating MET MANN
The performance of industrial heaters is determined by the relationship between the thermal power generated and the actual thermal power provided to the premises to be heated.

High performance is equivalent to the proper functioning of the heating system and translates into energy savings and limited emissions harmful to the environment.

MET MANN is a guarantee in your heating system

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The regulations on the subject, for years, is aimed at containing energy consumption to safeguard the environment around us. That is why minimum yields have been established to be able to commercialize industrial heaters and similar technology devices.
The same regulations, taking into account the technological progress currently achieved, has established that an industrial heating system can be classified as "High performance" when its percentage exceeds 90%; This is only obtained with a high technical content and an advanced production process.
Met Mann heaters reach a yield of 90%. Even some of them have obtained up to 92%. That is why we can ensure that our equipment is efficient and of proven quality.

MET MANN is at the forefront of quality and that is why it has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification that accredits it.

Why choose a MET MANN industrial heater?

- Maximum performance in industrial and domestic heaters
- Quality certifications in all our heating systems
- Energy saving
- Respect for the environment

Product range

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