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Evaporative air coolers

Evaporative air coolers: Fresh and natural air to air-condition industrial and commercial premises

Evaporative air coolers MET MANN

MET MANN industrial air conditioners use the simple technology of evaporative cooling with complete success. This technology consists in the evaporation of water when a certain volume of air passes through dampened panels of water. This causes a decrease in air temperature and an increase in the degree of humidity.

evaporative air coolers system


evaporative coolers in greenhouses

Air conditioning of industrial buildings and workplaces

At the present time, due to a process of constant technological advancement, air conditioning installations tend to be increasingly advanced. Air conditioning is another example of this trend.

The need to control the temperature and humidity throughout the year requires high performance equipment. At this point, our evaporative air conditioning technology is one of the most sophisticated methods to guarantee the cooling of industrial buildings, farms, greenhouses ... Or any place that requires cooling with a moisture supply.


Environmentally friendly air conditioning installations 

The cooling system used by our industrial air conditioners is totally ecological. To achieve the desired temperature, they do not use any type of refrigerant gas and the electrical input is minimal compared to traditional air conditioning systems. For its operation it is only necessary a contribution of water from the general network of the ship or enclosure to be heated, as well as an electrical connection socket.


Save up to 80% with your industrial air conditioner

In addition to its ecological advantages, with Met Mann industrial air conditioners you can save up to 80% compared to other traditional air conditioning systems. Its electricity consumption is minimal and requires a much lower investment than other similar solutions use. Nor do they need installation and its assembly is very simple. One more reason to opt for this system.

Advantages of our industrial air conditioners

- MET MANN air conditioning systems use only water to cool. For this reason they are environmentally friendly air conditioners.
- By having a very low energy consumption, the energy saving is remarkable. This advantage is very interesting for industrial buildings or workplaces where the activity is continued.
- Due to its technology, our industrial air conditioners allow balancing the degree of humidity in especially dry climates. The feeling of comfort is much greater than with other methods of air conditioning.
- Its maintenance is very easy and do not need installation. Nor do they require great efforts when assembling them. Comfort and time savings are guaranteed.
- They help to renew the air inside your workplace and provide fresh, clean and perfectly filtered air.
- Your work environment will be less prone to thermal stress with an industrial air conditioner of these characteristics: they regulate the temperature, balance the humidity and this translates into a great sense of comfort. 

Operating video of evaporative coolers


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